4. Circular economy and resource use

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The EEA monitors the progress of Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, as well as the environmental and climate benefits such changes deliver. We assess Europe’s efforts towards reducing the impacts caused by society’s production and consumption, with a focus on raw materials, products, services and waste.

Production and consumption of goods and services are key drivers of environmental degradation. Addressing the way in which we use finite resources is a vital element in combatting environmental degradation. In 2021, the EEA delivered data and information to assess the progress of Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, and to improve knowledge of the environmental and climate pressures caused by production and consumption in Europe, including:

  • Support to the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan within the European Green Deal
  • Implementation of one of the phases in the ‘Bellagio process’ – an international dialogue to set principles and stimulate better monitoring of circular economy goals
  • Provision of targeted knowledge for three sectors: textiles, plastics, and buildings
  • A country-specific analysis on performance towards the Waste Framework Directive
  • An assessment on material flows and sustainable resource use


2021: key facts and figures


On our Youtube channel, EEA experts discuss the most relevant topics and recent publications. Here we talk about New waste streams in a circular economy and Environmental impacts of textiles and clothing.


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