ACCOR Nomenclature of emitting activities in CORINE
AS Area Source
BUF Bottom-Up Function
CORINAIR Acronym for air emission inventory initially developed in the frame of the CORINE programme
Dbase Database system
EB Energy Balance
EEA European Environment Agency
EMEP European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme of Long Range Transmission of Air Pollutants
ETC/AEM European Topic Center on Air Emission
EU European Union
EUROSTAT Statistical Office of the European Communities
GEIA Global Emissions Inventory Activity
HELCOM Helsinki Commission
HFC Hydrofluorocarbons
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
LCPD Large Combustion Plan Directive
LHV Low Heat Value
LOTOS Dutch-German project on photochemical pollution
LPS Large Point Source
LPSD Large Point Source Data
LTO Landing and Take Off
NAD National Aggregated Data
NAF National Aggregation Function
NAPFUE Nomenclature for Air Pollution of FUELS
NDAS National Detailed Area Sources
NMVOC Non Methane Volatile Organic Compound
NUTS Nomenclature of Statistical Territorial Units
ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity
ORACLE Database system
PARCOM/ATMOS Paris Commission - Working group on atmospheric input
PFC Perfluorocarbons
POPs Persistent Organic Pollutants
RUBRIC In CORINAIR System additional item to SNAP and NAPFUE to define elementary emitting activities
SDI Spatially Disaggregated Inventory
SNAP Selected Nomenclature for Air Pollution
UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNIX Computer operating system
WINDOWS Computer graphic interface

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