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Environment and trade: Internet chat with Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy.

Environment and trade Events under the meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle last year demonstrated clearly the need to integrate environmental and social concerns into the work of the WTO. The EEA would therefore like to bring your attention to the following Internet event. Under the title "Why the world of trade is changing for the better" the European Trade Commissioner, Pascal Lamy, invites you to participate in an Internet chat on 12 July between 6-8 pm.

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New report: total EU greenhouse gas emissions have fallen slightly (2%) from 1990 to 1998

The EEA, through work by its European Topic Centre on Air Emissions, has compiled the official European Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-1998 in a report and database, both available on this web site.

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EC CHM - The European Community Clearing House Mechanism

The EC CHM aims at facilitating scientific and technical co-operation and at providing access to information relevant to the implementation of the CBD by the European Community. It should also contribute to education programmes and to raising public awareness of biodiversity.

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