Southern Europe hit by dangerous ozone levels in 2006

News Published 30 Apr 2008 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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Summer ozone levels exceeded the EU’s long-term target level in 2006, threatening the health of Europeans, according to a report released today by the European Environment Agency. The frequency of ozone level exceedances was higher than in previous years, though not as high as in the record year 2003.

The report, 'Air pollution by ozone in Europe in summer 2006' says that the highest one-hour ozone concentration occurred in Italy. Other high hourly ozone concentrations were reported in Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. North-western, central and eastern Europe did not escape either; these areas were hit by their second highest number of exceedances for a decade. A wide area of the United Kingdom was affected.

See report: Air pollution by ozone in Europe in summer 2006

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