Images of tradition and green solutions win photo competition prizes

News Published 19 Jun 2019 Last modified 18 Jun 2019
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Photo: © Teodora Todorova, Sustainably Yours /EEA
The winners of the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) photo competition, ‘Sustainably Yours’, have been selected. The winning photos depict agricultural traditions and low-carbon solutions for energy and mobility. More than 400 photos from 32 European countries were sent to the competition.

The five winners of the EEA’s ‘Sustainably Yours’ photo competition have been selected. A jury of environmental communication experts selected the winners in the competition’s three main categories and the Youth Prize while the Public Choice Award was decided through an online vote.

The ‘Sustainably Yours’ winning photos are:

Sustainable food: ‘Sheep carers’ by Adil Emektar

Sustainable food: ‘Sheep carers’ by Adil Emektar

© Adil Emektar, Sustainably Yours /EEA

Sustainable energy: ‘Powered by nature’ by Teodora Todorova ‘Powered by nature’ by Teodora Todorova

© Teodora Todorova, Sustainably Yours /EEA

Sustainable mobility: ‘El viaje de la vida’ (‘The journey of life’) by Antonio Atanasio Rincón

‘El viaje de la vida’ by Antonio Atanasio Rincón

© Antonio Atanasio Rincón, Sustainably Yours /EEA

Youth Prize: ‘To live together’ by Burcu Emektar

‘To live together’ by Burcu Emektar

© Burcu Emektar, Sustainably Yours /EEA

Public Choice Award: ‘Seed’ by Esengül Yavuz

‘Seed’ by Esengül Yavuz

© Esengül Yavuz, Sustainably Yours /EEA

The winners in the three main categories will be awarded a cash prize of 1,000 euros, the winners of the Public Choice Award and the Youth Prize will receive 500 euros.

You can see all the ‘Sustainably Yours’ finalist photos on the EEA Flickr account.


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