Check last year's water quality in your favourite bathing spot

News Published 30 May 2008 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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The 'Water Information System for Europe' (WISE) now allows users to view the quality of the bathing water in more than 21 000 coastal beaches and freshwater bathing sites across Europe during the 2007 bathing season. WISE also includes new information on urban wastewater treatment and water quality in European lakes and rivers.

With WISE, users can check the water quality on an interactive map. They can also select a country or a region, download the data for their selection and make comparisons with previous years. The downloaded data can also be visualised in geospatial mapping programmes such as Google Earth and Microsoft Live maps.

WISE is a partnership between the European Commission (DG Environment, Joint Research Centre and Eurostat) and the European Environment Agency, closely collaborating with EU Member States. An annual assessment of the bathing water quality in the EU will be presented today by the European Commission.

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