Agency's new eco-management ideas appreciated

News Published 22 Aug 2007 Last modified 28 Jun 2016
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The European Environment Agency has successfully passed the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme for the third consecutive year. The EEA was the first EU body to gain registration under EMAS. In 2004, the Agency introduced its own environmental management system to make sure it continued improving its environmental performance.

This year, the external auditor singled out three noteworthy efforts by the Agency this year. These included a new tool for registering external video conferencing when business travel is replaced, which will now be referenced as a 'best practice' by EMAS.

The video conference registering tool complements the Agency's continued efforts to 'green' its own business travel. Earlier this year, the Agency's carbon offsetting scheme was launched for both the air travel of staff attending meetings and conferences outside Denmark and invited guests coming to the Agency. Atmosfair, a German carbon project initiative supported by the German Federal Environment Ministry, was awarded the contract to run the scheme.

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