The European Environment Agency (EEA) annually takes stock of the progress towards the 8th Environment Action Programme (8th EAP) objectives on the basis of a set of 28 headline indicators.

The EEA assesses the progress with the 8th Environment Action Programme (8th EAP) objectives in an annual report based on a set of 8th EAP headline indicators and a scoreboard. The package is published every December as of 2023 on a dedicated 8th EAP monitoring landing webpage. The 8th EAP headline indicators were selected by the European Commission after consultation with stakeholders, the Member States and the EEA, and they represent key aspects of the 8th EAP. This page provides the live versions of the 8th EAP headline indicators. Please note that these versions may include more recent data not fully matching the time-stamped results presented in the EEA 8th EAP monitoring landing page.

8th EAP headline indicators by 8th EAP priority objective and enabling conditions:

Climate change mitigation

Climate change adaptation

A regenerative circular economy

Zero pollution and a toxic free environment

Biodiversity and ecosystems

Enabling conditions

Living well, within planetary boundaries