Eurofound, Cedefop and the EEA are organising a Tripartite Exchange Seminar (TES) to identify the way the green, just transition is dealt with through social dialogue in European countries. It will zoom in on the impact of the green transition on industrial relations, employment, skills, and training needs at national and sectoral level and explore how the green, just transition can become a standard topic of the social dialogue agenda.

EEA's role in the event

Eurofound, Cedefop and the EEA organise a Tripartite Exchange Seminar aiming to improve the capacity of social partners and governments to engage and act effectively in social dialogue (and the world of work) and with a specific focus on the green, just transition in the Member States.

What is TES aimed at?

The TES 2024 provides time and space for social learning among social partners and government representatives and aims at:

  • sharing experiences and initiatives on national policies and social dialogue, particularly focused on the green, just transition.
  • enhancing mutual learning activities among participants based on their needs.
  • stimulating forward-looking debates on social dialogue and the green, just transition.
  • creating a community of practice across affiliations and Member States raising the value and awareness of social dialogue and its contribution to the green, just transition.

The TES is composed of three interactive modules:

  • online introductory session – 8 May 2024
  • residential session in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee – 29-31 May 2024
  • online follow up sessions (September to December 2024 - dates to be confirmed)

The deadline for applications is now closed.