For purchases from EUR 15,001 to EUR 143,000 (known as low- or middle-value contracts), the European Environment Agency (EEA) follows a negotiated procedure, inviting at least three or five candidates, depending on the value of the tender.

The EEA advertises calls for tenders from EUR 15,001 to EUR 143,000 on e-tendering. Suppliers generally have at least two weeks to express their interest in a specific negotiated procedure. The EEA will consider all expressions of interest received and will then invite at least three candidates, for contracts with a value between EUR 15,000 and EUR 60,000, and at least five candidates for contracts with a value between EUR 60,000 and EUR 143,000.

Expressing interest in negotiated procedures

Suppliers interested in any of the above negotiated procedures can express their interest through the e-tendering platform.

Registration of your interest to participate in a negotiated procedure for low- or middle-value contracts entails no obligation on the part of the EEA to send an invitation to tender to candidates or to award them a contract.

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