Is the final energy consumption becoming more efficient?

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Indicator codes: ENER 037
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(01 Nov 2013)

Over the period 1990-2011, final energy efficiency increased by 19% in EU-27 countries at an annual average rate of 1%/year, driven by improvements in the industrial sector (1.7%/year) and households (1.6%/year).

Energy trends in Europe

In 2011, the final energy consumption reached 1,103 Mtoe at EU-level. It has been increasing regularly until 2008, by 0.5%/year from 1990 to 2008 and has been decreasing since the economic crisis (-2%/year from 2008 to 2011). Buildings (households and services) consumed almost 40% of final energy consumption in 2011 (of which 25% for households), transport 33% (+7 points compared to 1990) followed by industry with 26% (-8 points compared to 1990) and agriculture with 2%.

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