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Integrated transport and environment strategies in the European Union

Indicator Fact Sheet
Prod-ID: IND-238-en
  Also known as: TERM 035
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Assessment made on  01 Oct 2004

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  • TERM 035

Policy issue:  Develop and implement integrated transport strategies


Key assessment

Various EU institutions have published a range of policy and strategy documents of which parts are devoted to the integration of environmental concerns into transport policy. Together, these documents may be regarded as the European integration strategy. Below we assess the strategy based on two review reports (European Commission, 2004; European Commission, 2003).

Recently, the integration process was evaluated in several documents. For instance, in their stocktaking of the Cardiff process, the European ommission (2004) reviewed the integration of environmental concerns into various policy domains, such as agriculture, energy, and transport. In the domain of transport, the report distinguished eight priority objectives of environmental integration. For each objective, starting 1999, the progress to date was described in terms of Commission actions (e.g. communications) and joint steps of the Commission and the Council/Parliament (e.g. directives, research programmes). Below the most important results for each of eight priorities is summarised, complemented by future actions that were retrieved from other sources.

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