What progress is made towards the greenhouse gas emissions targets by the EU?

Policy Question
Indicator codes: CSI 011 , CLIM 051

Key messages

(05 Jul 2010)

Projections for 2010 indicate that the EU-15 will meet its Kyoto target if Member States implement existing and additional measures fully and quickly, and make use of carbon sinks and Kyoto mechanisms. If all the projected reductions were achieved, the EU-15 could reach a level of emissions 11.4 % lower than base-year emissions, therefore overachieving its -8 % Kyoto target by 3.4 percentage points. The EU-27 does not have a Kyoto target. Twelve EU-15 Member States project they will achieve their individual targets. All ten new Member States with a target expect to meet their target (Cyprus and Malta do not have a Kyoto target).

Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland project that they will meet their targets. Turkey has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol and thus has no Kyoto target.

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