Is the transport sector's contribution to air pollution being reduced?

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Indicator codes: TERM 004
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(14 Jul 2010)

The data analysed from selected stations in major urban agglomerations, indicate that during the period 1999-2006 mean values of NO2 concentrations at road traffic stations remain relatively stable (trend is smaller than the statistical uncertainty on estimate) whereas an increase is observed in the maximum observed concentrations after 2003. The background concentrations remain relatively stable throughout the period 1999-2006. For PM10, a slight increase was observed in 2003 in the maximum background concentrations, but these have followed a slightly downward trend since. In 2005 a reduction was observed in the maximum concentrations at traffic stations, but this trend was not as pronounced in 2006. Throughout the period 2002-2006, mean traffic and mean background concentrations remain relatively stable.

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