How rapidly are transport-related emissions of tropospheric ozone precursors declining?

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Indicator codes: ENER 005

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(19 Mar 2012)

Energy-related emissions accounted for 87% of all Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions, 43% of all Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds (NMVOC) emissions, 96% of all Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions and 4.7% of all Methane (CH4) emissions from the EEA-32 in 2009. Since 1990(2005), these emissions have declined by 58(13)%, 63(13)%, 37(13)% and 22(+8)% in EEA member countries. The largest reduction in emissions occurred in the road transport sector, largely as a result of the continued introduction of catalytic converters in new vehicles during this period and more stringent regulations on emissions.

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