What progress is being made in reducing emissions of acidifying pollutants across Europe?

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  Indicator codes: CSI 001 , APE 007

Key messages

(04 Dec 2013)

  • Emissions of the acidifying pollutants, nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulphur oxides (SOX) and ammonia (NH3), have decreased significantly in most of the individual EEA member countries between 1990 and 2011. Emissions of SOX have decreased by 74%, NOX by 44% and NH3 by 25% since 1990 within the EEA-33.
  • Data reported under the NECD indicates that in 2011 the EU-28 as a whole met its continuing obligation to maintain emissions of NOX, SOX and NH3 below 2010 target as specified by the EU’s National Emissions Ceiling Directive (NECD). However, the EU-15 as a whole and seven individual Member States, all of which are in the EU-15 group, reported emissions in 2011 above their NECD emission ceilings for NOX. Four EU member states reported 2011 NH3 emissions above the levels of their NECD ceilings, three of which are in the group of fifteen pre-2004 EU member states.
  • Three additional countries which are current EEA Member States have emission ceilings for 2010 under the UNECE/CLRTAP Gothenburg protocol (Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). Both Liechtenstein and Norway reported NOX and NH3 emissions in 2011 that were higher than their respective 2010 ceilings.

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