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Proportion of classified water bodies in different RBDs affected by pollution pressures, for rivers and lakes (left panel) and for coastal and transitional waters (right panel)

The percentage is based on total number of classified water bodies. See the indicator specification for more details.

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What are the sources of food waste in Europe?

Around one third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted. Food waste represents a substantial loss of other resources such as land, water, energy and labour.

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Correlation of ecological footprint (2008) and the human development index (2012)

The Human Development Index is calculated using three components: education, life expectancy at birth and wealth. It is expressed as a value between 0 and 1, from less to most developed countries. The Ecological Footprint measures how much land and water area a population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its waste. The world biocapacity is the global productive area available on Earth (it decreases as population grows).

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Patent registration trends for the top seven origins

The graph shows the total number of patent applications to the European Patent Office, aggregated for all countries of the world, for environment-related categories.

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