Structure of CO2 emissions from thermal power plants in EU-27, 2007

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Structure of CO2 emissions from thermal power plants in EU-27, 2007

European data


Additional information

CO2 emissions from biomass are included in the pie chart because they originate from combustion in public electricity and heat production plants. The label is shown in a different colour to highlight that these emissions are reported as a Memorandum item according to IPCC and UNFCCC Guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories. CO2 emissions from biomass used for energy purposes are considered carbon neutral. If biomass is harvested at an unsustainable rate (that is, faster than its annual re-growth) net CO2 emissions will show as a loss of biomass stock in the Land-Use Change and Forestry sector of the greenhouse gas inventory.

The average efficiency shown in the chart above does not include autoproducers to be consistent with UNFCCC/IPCC Guidelines for greenhouse gas inventories, where ‘autoproducer’ emissions are normally reported in the sector where emissions take place and not under public heat and electricity production.


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