Relative gaps (over-delivery or shortfall) between projections and targets for 2010 for EU candidate and other EEA countries

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Except for Switzerland and Norway, the use of Kyoto mechanisms is not accounted for in this figure



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In their fourth national communications to the UNFCCC, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein indicate that they will make use of Kyoto mechanisms to reach their targets. Since the information available on the use of flexible mechanisms or carbon sinks for the non-EU countries was not detailed (except for Switzerland and Norway), these were not taken into account here. The projection for Liechtenstein excludes fluorinated gases. The gap assessment for Croatia takes into account that Croatia is allowed to add 3.5 Mt CO2equivalent to its 1990 emissions in accordance with Decision 7/CP.12 of the Conference of the Parties under the UNFCCC.


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