Freight transport volumes grow alongside GDP

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Freight transport volumes grow alongside GDP




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No data available for Malta and Liechtenstein. GDP is in euro at constant 2000 prices. Freight transport (tonne-kilometre) includes transport by road, rail and inland waterways. Short-sea shipping and oil pipelines are excluded due to lack of data.
The two curves show the development in GDP and freight transport volumes, while the columns show the level of annual decoupling. Green indicates faster growth in GDP than in freight transport while red indicates stronger growth in freight transport than in GDP. The large change in 2004 is partly tied to a change in methodology but no correction figure exists. The change appears to affect in particular data from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Romania. In a number of other cases individual country data for specific years exhibit rather large changes that appear not to be rooted in actual transport volume developments, but it is not enough to change the over all trend.


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