EU progress towards the worldwide hydrofluorocarbon consumption phase-down under the Montreal Protocol

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This graph shows the EU contribution to the global phase-down of HFCs under the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which introduces limits to the consumption of HFCs, starting in 2019. HFC, hydrofluorocarbon; Mt, million tonnes. HFCs covered under the Montreal Protocol do not include HFC-161. A country’s baseline for the Montreal Protocol HFC phase-down is defined as the average HFC consumption during the period 2011-2013, plus 15% of the HCFC baseline in 1989, all expressed in million tonnes (Mt) CO2 equivalent. As set out in the Montreal Protocol, the HCFC baseline also includes 2.8% of 1989 chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) consumption.

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The geographical scope of the HFC consumption limit is EU-27. However, United Kingdom was included for the years 2019-2020.
The geographical scope of the HFC consumption is EU-27 for 2007-2012, EU-28 for 2013-2019, EU-27 + UK for 2020 and EU-27 for 2021 onwards (Croatia is added to the entire time series except for the period 2007-2008).


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