Changes in European fishing fleet capacity: 1989-2003

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Power changes refer to 1989-2003 for EU 15 and 1997 -2002 for EFTA


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Tonnage changes refer to 1989-2003 for EU and EFTA; 1992-1995 for EU-10 and AC countries. Number changes refer to 1989-2002 for EU and EFTA; 1992- 2001 for EU-10; and 1992-19 for AC countries. Legend:Countries have been grouped into the following categories: EU-15 (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Findland, Sweden,United Kingdom),EFTA (Iceland and Norway), EU-10 (new member states: Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, and Slovenia), AC (accession countries: Bulgaria and Romania)


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