Benchmarking in the steel industry

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Figure shows a more detailed comparison of the performance (in terms of energy unit consumption) of the European steel sector across the different EU-27 countries taking into account the relative share of electric steel in total crude steel production.


European data


Additional information

Graphs based on the specific consumption of  steel:

 UC = C / PP


UC : specific consumption in toe/t

C : energy consumption in Mtoe (source Odyssee database)

PP : physical production in tons (source Odyssee database)


For all the EU countries, data are extracted from the ODYSSEE database (last update in August 2009); Source of data : national data

For EU, the data sources are the following:

  • Energy consumption : source Eurostat except for:
    • Wood (NCE 20): source Enerdata / IEA
    • Construction (NCE 45): source Enerdata / IEA
    • Machinery (NCE 28-32) and transport vehicles (NCE 34-35) [in Eurostat energy consumption for these 2 branches are given together]  for ODYSSEE this overall consumption has been split into 2 sub branches according to the desagregation given in the Enerdata ‘ s database (coherent with IEA)
    • Other branches : in Eurostat this residual branch includes also construction , wood; for ODYSSEE energy consumption of this branch has been recalculated as total industry minus sum of the energy consumption of the branches
  • Intensive branches:
    • Cement : physical production for EU is the sum of the production of the 27 countries (source Odyssee). Energy consumption : based on the energy consumption of 12 countries : UK, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, France, Germany and Belgium, Poland and Hungary (source Odyssee) – the consumption for EU-27 as a whole is extrapolated, based on the EU12 consumption weighted by the ratio (production EU-27/production EU-12)
    • Paper : physical production for EU-27 is the sum of EU-27 countries (source Odyssee).  Energy consumption : source Eurostat
    • Steel : physical production for EU-27 is the sum of EU-27 countries (source IISI). Energy consumption : source Eurostat


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