93.2 percentile of O3 maximum daily 8-hour mean in 2018

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Observed concentrations of O3 in 2018. The map shows the 93.2 percentile of the O3 maximum daily 8-hour mean, representing the 26th highest value in a complete series. It is related to the O3 target value. At sites marked with dots in the last two colour categories, the 26th highest daily O3 concentrations were above the 120 μg/m3 threshold, implying an exceedance of the target value threshold. Please note that the legal definition of the target value considers not only 1 year but the average over 3 years. Only stations with more than 75 % of valid data have been included in the map.

European data


Additional information

Estonia submitted data from seven stations which do not appear in the map since they could not been properly processed. All of them had values in 2018 below the TV threshold for the protection of health.


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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