Data visualisations

Trend in snow cover extent over the Northern Hemisphere and in Europe

This figure shows satellite-derived time series of snow cover extent for the period 1967–2015 over the Northern Hemisphere (left) and Europe (right). The time series for the Northern Hemisphere is extended back to 1922 by including reconstructed historical estimates.

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Consumption of controlled ozone–depleting substances

Figures show percentage consumption in ODP tonnes relative to ODS consumption in ODP in 1986.

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National 2020 targets under the Effort Sharing Decision (ESD)and proposed targets for 2030

Each bar represents a percentage change in the greenhouse gas emissions covered under Decision 406/2009/EC (the Effort Sharing Decision, ESD) between the 2005 base-year level and 2020 or 2030.

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Number of fires and burnt area in five southern European countries

Historical series of forest fire area burned for each year and country

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Projected change in the volume of mountain glaciers and ice caps in European glaciated regions

The figure shows the projected volume for 2006–2100 of all mountain glaciers and ice caps in the European glaciated regions, derived using a mass balance model driven with temperature and precipitation scenarios from 14 GCMs, in Iceland, Svalbard, Scandinavia and central Europe (consisting of the European Alps and Pyrenees).

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Projected population trends in the Arctic

Projected change in regional population trends

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