Land use % change
lcf43 Internal conversions between permanent crops 80
lcf72 Forest creation, afforestation 55
lcf73 Forests internal conversions 55
lcf53 Conversion from wetlands to agriculture 54
lcf54 Conversion from developed areas to agriculture 53
lcf42 Internal conversions between annual crops 50
lcf52 Conversion from semi-natural land to agriculture 50
lcf45 Conversion from arable land to permanent crops 41
lcf44 Conversion from permanent crops to arable land 36
lcf38 Sprawl of sport and leisure facilities 35
lcf61 Withdrawal of farming with woodland creation 32
lcf51 Conversion from forest to agriculture 31
lcf74 Recent fellings, new plantation and other transition 30
lcf71 Conversion from transitional woodland to forest 23
lcf41 Extension of set aside fallow land and pasture 8
lcf46 Conversion from pasture to arable and permanent crops 7
lcf13 Development of green urban areas 2
lcf62 Withdrawal of farming without significant woodland creation -1
lcf12 Recycling of developed urban land -13
lcf36 Sprawl of dumpsites -17
lcf22 Urban diffuse residential sprawl -21
lcf34 Sprawl of airports -25
lcf37 Construction -25
lcf32 Sprawl of transport networks -26
lcf11 Urban development/ infilling -27
lcf35 Sprawl of mines and quarrying areas -28
lcf31 Sprawl of industrial and commercial sites -33