id feature plone drupal joomla wordpress
1 Community Global False False Big community of people writing documentation* strong
2 High security out of the box Yes, difficult to attack by design, ZODB False False WP developers/hosters spend a lot of time fighting security vulnerabilities and their server IP being blacklisted (since it's typical for a WP site to be on the same server as 100 other WP sites) - a LOT! And it scares the hell out of the marketing/management people at these events to hear so much conversation about 'How do you guys fight this?' from one dev to the other.* weak
3 Education-focused “products” (modules, add-ons, extensions) (FSD, Timeslot) False False
4 Use as Intranets Yes, very customizeable False False
5 Improving your business processes Collaboration, sharing, etc. False False
6 Plug-in: Forms builder PloneFormGen False False
7 Free and open source Yes True True Yes strong
8 In-place editing Yes False False No weak
9 Accessibility Yes, high, priority, OOTB False False
10 Responsive / mobile-friendly Yes, responsive theme is available, needs customizing False False
11 Scalability (clustering, ZEO servers & clients, backend stores - ZODB, SQL) False False
12 File structure, Folder based navigation, architecture False False
13 Accessible URLs False False
14 Docs of various types integration False False
15 User groups (Global, active) False False
16 False False
17 Modern technology framework False False
18 Upgrade path False False
19 Easy to theme Plonethemes or Diazo, xml, html False False
20 Extendable False False
21 Workflow Detailed, customizeable False False WP still has limited workflow capabilities * weak
22 Multilingual and global community False False
23 Handles lots of content False False
24 Publication workflows OOTB False False
25 Built in search False False
26 Fine grained permissions, individuals & groups Yes, easy to use, manage False False No built-in global dashboard of security settings, where you click on/off checkboxes to give fine-grained permissions. they're usually very general permissions, as in 'Admin' who gets to do everything, 'Viewer', and 'Editor' - some user in between who can maybe edit a post, but not remove them, etc. *
27 Auth integration False False
28 Collections / reports / queries & collection portlets False False
29 "Robustness" - Good use case Enterprise Level (best) blog, small web, microsite strong
30 Stable Stable: the deployment stack is quite independent from the OS environment; the system is robust and solid and its behavior is always predictable; migrations to next release is easy * False False
31 Installable product modules False False
32 Zeo-enterprise scale OOTB False False
33 Conferences for edu False False
34 Multi-OS False False
35 Open hosted version False False
36 Easily moved between hosts False False
37 Portability of site, of dev environments, cloning stack False False
38 Built in web services (XML-RPC) False False
39 Easily import/migrate content via FTP/WebDAV, FunnelWeb, other tools False False
40 Easily edit content in desktop apps (OpenOffice, MS Office, iWork) via External Editor False False
41 Easily build-in ‘hooks’ based on workflow and/or content changes False False
42 Email notifications, move content to other location, etc. False False
43 Plone Desktop ( WIndows-Only) capability to drag-drop/edit content from Win Explorer False False
44 Main IRC channel server:, channel: Plone False False
45 Based on language Python PHP, Based on a popular programming language* strong
46 Deployment False False
47 Access Control False False
48 Buildout / configuration management bin/buildout False False No other system I know of has something quite like it. If you are talking to Wordpress people then see how they deal with having a development, staging, and production environments and how they promote changes in both content and functionality/theme/config from one to another. Whilst the majority of Wordpress people won't care about issues like that for their little blog, it is a very big issue to bring up for those that decide they want to try and use Wordpress as a full blown CMS.* weak
49 Plug-in: Faculty Staff Directory Yes False False
50 Plug-in: Content Well Portlets Yes False False
51 Plug-in: Responsive Theme Yes False False
52 ZMI-type interface Yes False False
53 SEO optimized Yes, OOTB False False
54 Caching Tools PloneAppCaching, highly customizeable, plug-in False False
55 Conferences (General) Pros: several annually, around the world; Cons: heavily centered around core developers, not other users False False WP conferences have a lot more focus on the end user, on marketing/commercial sites, and on SEO topics than Plone events.* moderate
56 Add-ons, Plug-ins, in general Download from, stop Plone, run buildout, start False False Users tend to just keep adding more and more plugins to try things out and never remove them, slowing down their site (with the mere existence of those plugins in place.) This is true with Plone too, but not to the same extent, since with WP, installing a new plugin is a simple point-and-click - no restart of any services, usually. Some add-ons don't register specific permissions to be managed from some general security settings dashboard * moderate
57 Localhost Deployment All-in-One package, you can install it on your machine, develop and, finally transfer on the server without problems * False False
58 Cleanliness of HTML in WYSIWYG Clean False False
59 WYSIWYG Options TinyMCE False False
60 Multi Sites Multisite setup easy with one instance of Plone* False False No multisite setup weak
61 Content Type Development Dexterity False False
62 Documentation, difficult to understand* False False Big community of people writing documentation* strong
63 e-commerce products low availability* False False
64 Social Media Integration No plugins False False Many social media plugings* strong
Import Migration False False There some 3rd party import filters to import from other blog tools available:, Movable Type etc (TBAL by acsr from ct' magazine hotline infos)
Export Migration False False Wordpress will produce a WXR file (Wordpress eXtended Rss) that can be converted to e.g. specific files via (source via acsr: