issueno IssueNo Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Percent Done Author Category Start tracker date Due status date Created Target priority subject version assignee updated percent_done author category start_date due_date created target_version
10207 Bug In Progress High Daviz regression issues Zoltan Szabo 14/12/2012
10204 Bug In Progress High Error when adding a
10194 Feature New Normal external links are still referenced
10193 Task New High highlight contenttype behaviour when it's
10188 Bug Closed Urgent No space left on Loggerhead Alexandru
10186 Feature Closed Normal The image_thumb traverser get anonymous
10183 Feature New On-hold Possibility to add richtext notes
10182 Task Closed Urgent Change in the publications' view:
10176 Feature New Normal Timeline view opens by default
10170 Bug New High old data source in new
10168 Bug Closed High CSV export is not complete Alin
10160 Bug Closed Urgent Investigate bad assessment title Tiberiu Ichim 06/12/2012
10157 Bug In Progress Normal Fixes various graphical bug
10149 Bug New Normal quick upload fails on some
10148 Bug Closed Urgent Advanced search folder is not
10143 Bug New Low Portal-tab menu links aren't relative Christian
10142 Bug Closed High """En"" icon in menu doesn't
10135 Task New High EEAFigureFile can only be replaced
10130 Feature Closed Normal @@rdf errors after rdfmarshaller refactoring Tiberiu
10125 Bug Closed Normal new collection type crashes the
10115 Bug Invalid High "Indicators link missing ""en"" icon
10114 Bug Closed High layout issue on translated topics
10110 Feature In Progress High "Translate ""Indicators"" in the
10109 Task New High fix bad bad relations Antonio De
10107 Feature New Normal Impose mandatory repositories to be
10098 Bug Closed Immediate Community portal not responding Alexandru Ghica 26/11/2012
10070 Feature New Low SlickGrid for upload file fields Antonio
10063 Task Feedback Urgent Create a first SDMX export
10062 Feature New Normal Problem when releasing eggs to
10061 Feature Closed High Many plone4 tests fail on
10055 Bug Invalid Normal Editing a page, add the
10038 Bug Closed High content rules do not have
10033 Feature New Normal add portal type label on
10019 Feature Closed Normal Not all the png charts
10007 Feature New High allow simile exhibit facets types
10006 Bug Closed High unicode error on mapsearch_view on
10001 Feature Invalid High publish all related figures when
10000 Feature Closed Normal eggmonkey eats one line when
9999 Bug New Normal Users can bypass the self-qa
9998 Feature Closed High adding country groups (sub items)
9997 Bug Closed Urgent Problem when saving images for
9993 Bug Closed Normal login_form must have https linked
9989 Bug Closed High drill down geo tags must
9988 Bug Closed Urgent some figures in indicators shows
9986 Feature New Normal Filter junk messages from getting
9985 Feature New Normal See if possible to replace
9976 Feature In Progress High FigureFiles should not have
9975 Feature Invalid Normal Transition names and labels are
9974 Feature Closed Urgent When publishing an assessment with
9972 Feature In Progress Normal It is not possible
9970 Task Closed Normal Apache basic auth usign ldap Traian
9966 Feature New Normal Recursion error in footer portlet Antonio
9961 Feature Closed Normal Generic images for charts which
9958 Task Closed Normal final review daviz sprint 8 Antonio
9957 Task New Normal Cleanup of local modifications Zoltan
9956 Bug Closed Urgent Newsletter not sent Christian Xavier Georges
9955 Task Closed High DaViz buildout and python-ldap Alin Voinea 07/11/2012
9950 Feature Closed Immediate Recursion error in navigation portlet Tiberiu
9949 Feature Closed Normal default sorting settings for charts Zoltan
9946 Bug Closed Urgent Problem creating a new version
9941 Bug New Normal "bubble value note for ""bar/column
9934 Task Closed Urgent Plone security patch Alexandru Ghica 06/11/2012 18:29 100 Alexandru
9929 Bug Closed Urgent The zope and zope access
9928 Bug Closed High Elasticsearch runs out of memory
9914 Bug In Progress Normal image issues for promotion
9912 Feature New Normal Ordering of policy documents when
9911 Task Closed Normal EEA Report No 8/2012 European
9908 Task Closed Normal Google analytics scheduled email report Christian
9624 Bug Closed Normal On chart title put the
9615 Bug Closed Urgent Error when adding a new
9610 Feature Closed Low allow wysiwyg table data editing
9608 Bug New Normal Improve ux for sparql Zoltan Szabo 24/10/2012
9601 Bug Closed Normal KSS validation problem Zoltan Szabo 23/10/2012 14:23 100 Zoltan
9600 Bug Closed High not possible to delete the
9598 Task Closed Normal Upgrade zc.buildout to last version Tiberiu
9596 Task New Normal get emails with git diffs Alexandru
9595 Feature Closed Normal allow sorting of data in
9594 Bug New Normal table is not displaying in
9593 Bug Closed High allow distict columns for latitude
9589 Feature Closed High make plone collection as
9588 Bug Closed Normal Table pivot configuration problems Zoltan Szabo 29/11/2012
9586 Feature Closed Urgent plone listings views do not
9585 Feature Closed Normal Allow hide for charts Zoltan Szabo 02/11/2012
9584 Bug Closed High change label of columns is
9583 Feature Feedback High allow to add formatter to
9582 Task Closed High Enable Travis CI on github Alin
9581 Feature New Urgent possibility to have a multiselect
9580 Feature Closed High Update eea.tags with features from
9579 Bug Closed Urgent interrupts and context switches unexpected
9578 Feature In Progress Urgent possibility to hide /
9577 Feature Closed On-hold possibility to add richtext notes
9576 Feature Closed Normal add data source from a
9573 Bug New Normal cannot re-add same file Alin Voinea 01/11/2012
9572 Feature In Progress High allow multiple dashboards in
9571 Feature Feedback High Allow adding daviz to indicator Tiberiu
9570 Bug In Progress Urgent Website's Language quality check Christian
9569 Bug In Progress Urgent Relations between objects is
9568 Bug New Normal Allow to copy/paste of chart Alin
9567 Task New High Packages that have been moved
9564 Bug New Normal We need a better and
9563 Bug In Progress Normal edit charts becomes slow
9562 Feature Closed Normal Graceful degradation of Daviz chart
9561 Feature New High allow multiple data provenance info Alin
9560 Task Closed Normal Daviz usability audit Sonia Andriu 29/10/2012 17:42 100 Alexandru
9559 Bug Closed High not possible to edit portlets David
9558 Feature In Progress High handling specific annotations for
9557 Idea New Normal Add range filters to eea.googlecharts Alin
9555 Bug Closed Normal Fix png export for charts Zoltan
9553 Bug Closed Urgent overlapping form with left column
9552 Bug New High duplicated portlet logic, double videos
9551 Bug New High doesn't work anymore Alin Voinea 01/11/2012
9550 Bug Closed Normal Size of dashboard charts and
9549 Bug Closed Urgent data centre advanced search -
9548 Bug New High Faceted navigation returns no results
9547 Task Closed Normal Mark broken relations under portal_relations David
9545 Bug Closed Normal Multiple Category filters not working
9544 Bug New Normal UnicodeDecodeError on frontpage Christian Xavier Georges
9543 Feature New High browser warning based on Role/Browser
9542 Bug Closed High cannot set types on redirection
9541 Bug New Normal IMS status not clear 09/11/2012 15:25 0 Sheila
9540 Task New Low Logos for organisations Marie Jaegly 01/10/2012 10:21 0 Marie
9538 Bug Closed Urgent Eionet review / commenting on
9537 Feature Closed Normal Proposal for tools to facilitate
9536 Feature Closed Normal Better error handling on sparql Zoltan
9535 Bug Closed Normal Layout/UI fixes for daviz Zoltan Szabo 17/10/2012
9534 Bug Closed Urgent Fix png export and thumbnails
9532 Bug Closed Normal Image view links are doubled
9531 Task Feedback High GIS map applications from Eye
9530 Feature Closed High Provide a sub global navigation
9529 Bug Closed Normal Attribute error trying to view
9527 Idea In Progress High Enhance collaborative work Alexandru Ghica 14/12/2012
9526 Task Closed Normal Translation relations Christian Xavier Georges PROSPERINI 15/10/2012
9525 Task Closed Urgent Investigate slow response of the
9524 Bug Closed Normal Fix Products.ZSPARQLMethod tests Zoltan Szabo 24/09/2012 15:20 100 Zoltan
9523 Bug Closed Urgent Type-error when creating visualisation Alin Voinea 24/09/2012
9522 Task Closed Urgent add air quality providers as
9521 Bug Closed Normal The munin bot that checks
9520 Task Closed Normal Color of accordeon headings difficult
9519 Bug Closed Normal If the Content Registry times
9518 Bug Closed High Issues with new collection content
9517 Bug Closed High Portugese translation returns error Antonio De
9515 Bug New High Atct_topic_view misbehaves with faceted navigation Antonio
9514 Bug New Normal Keep related items on copy
9512 Bug Feedback Normal Search on recent updates of
9511 Bug Closed High Upgrade from Plone 4.2 to
9510 Bug Closed High Emai alias for GitHub commit
9509 Bug Closed High Problem to insert images in
9507 Bug New Normal Improve speed of saving of
9506 Feature Closed High allow editing of extra configuration
9505 Bug Closed Urgent Error when export profile Tiberiu Ichim 27/11/2012
9503 Feature Closed Normal Hide the translation comment at
9502 Feature New Normal make sphinxbuilder generate page template
9501 Task Closed High Change SMTP smarthost on squirrels Alexandru
9500 Bug Closed Urgent ZSPARQLMethod doesn't handle errors Zoltan Szabo 28/09/2012
9499 Feature New High improve and extend portal message
9498 Bug Closed Urgent previous daviz exhibit broke after
9497 Bug Closed Urgent SPARQL bookmarks folder default view
9496 Bug Closed Urgent Can't force column type from
9495 Task New Low refactor to use 07/11/2012 09:46 0 Antonio
9494 Bug Closed Urgent not possible to logout in
9492 Bug Closed High Error message for ebook overview David
9491 Feature New Normal DPSIR chart connected to faceted
9490 Bug Closed Urgent Error when replaceing an EEA-figure-file
9489 Bug Closed Normal various bugs in multilingual Christian Xavier
9488 Task New Normal create Daviz overveiw Class diagram 09/11/2012
9487 Bug Closed High linking Facsheet with an Indicator
9486 Feature New High Auto links and relations in
9485 Bug New High Login form doesn't work in
9484 Feature Closed Urgent Adapt workflow logic for EEAFigureFile
9483 Bug Closed Urgent proper translated logos with transparent
9482 Task Closed Urgent Refactor valentine.imagescales Alin Voinea 26/09/2012 12:20 100 Alin Voinea EEA
9478 Bug Closed Normal Eggmonkey adds global-include not in
9477 Feature Closed High alternative embedding feature Zoltan Szabo 19/10/2012 15:43 0 Antonio
9476 Feature Feedback Normal Store keyfacts from highlights in
9475 Bug Closed Urgent Data provenance belongs to data
9473 Feature Closed Normal embedded charts have too much
9471 Feature Closed Urgent Eggmonkey must push tags on
9470 Bug Closed Urgent moving the relation from one
9469 Task New High "move ""new content in relations
9468 Bug Closed High Related videos don't play on
9467 Bug Closed Normal When new cloud video is
9466 Bug Closed Normal Relation to videos links to
9465 Bug Closed High Get rid of dependency
9464 Bug Closed High backward relations not shown at
9463 Bug Closed High Information on External data links
9462 Task Closed High Cleanup ImageFS code from eea.dataservice Alexandru
9461 Bug Closed Normal "cloud video missing ""media type
9460 Feature New Low automatic harvesting of thumbnails for
9459 Feature New Normal Crop thumbnails for cloud videos David
9457 Bug Closed Normal The readiness portlet hardcodes edit
9455 Bug Closed Urgent Some videos do not play
9454 Bug Closed Low Old videos displayed as tiny
9453 Bug Closed High Check translations on eea.facetednavigation Christian Xavier
9452 Task Closed High Popup for Evaluation survey David Ichim 16/10/2012
9451 Feature Closed High Enhance google chart editor Zoltan Szabo 27/08/2012
9450 Task Closed High Relations not possible from report Antonio
9448 Task Closed High "create a plone package ""eea.uberlisting""
9447 Bug Closed High New figure versions are not
9446 Task Closed High Setup EEA portal on Phoenix Alexandru
9445 Bug Closed High Fix error when decode cookie
9444 Bug Closed Urgent Charts not working when single
9443 Bug Closed Urgent existing visualisation not shown Antonio De
9442 Task Closed High Update glossary template to latest
9440 Bug Closed High Update with latest changes
9439 Bug Closed Urgent Data ContentType missing required info David
9438 Bug Closed Urgent "handle missing data values and
9437 Feature Closed Urgent register all the plone vocabularies
9436 Task New Normal centralise all formats conversion into
9435 Bug Closed Urgent "pivoting is confused when there
9434 Task Closed Urgent improvements to visualisation created by
9433 Bug Closed Urgent edit line chart shows only
9432 Feature Closed High visualisation title and chart sub-titles Zoltan
9431 Feature New Low disabling certain viewlets for template
9430 Bug Closed High Problem with layout of glossary
9428 Task Closed High get rid of our custom
9427 Bug Closed High Translations missing in Glossary Christian Xavier
9426 Idea New High Infinite scrolling plugin to replace
9425 Feature New High Monitoring of sparql bookmarks Zoltan Szabo 26/09/2012
9424 Feature New Urgent Data persistence and versioning for
9423 Feature Closed High Adjust some metadata for realtime
9421 Task New Normal create Daviz end user documentation
9419 Task Closed Normal Release DaViz packages Alin Voinea 17/10/2012 10:04 100 Antonio
9418 Task Closed High Test DaViz changes Bogdan Ciobanu 17/10/2012 10:13 100 Antonio
9417 Task Closed Normal Move DaViz code to github Alin
9416 Task New High DaViz API documentation Alin Voinea 01/11/2012 11:07 0 Antonio
9414 Task New Normal Writing DaViz plugins documentation and
9413 Task Closed Urgent Add jenkins jobs for DaViz
9411 Task Closed High Refactor eea.converter Alexandru Ghica 04/09/2012 14:59 100 Antonio De
9410 Task Closed High Investigate collective.js.jqueryui dependency Alin Voinea 23/08/2012 12:00 100 Antonio
9409 Task Closed Urgent Refactor eea.jquery Alin Voinea 18/09/2012 17:24 100 Antonio De
9407 Task Closed High Refactor eea.googlecharts Alin Voinea 04/09/2012 15:00 100 Antonio De
9406 Task Closed High Refactor eea.exhibit Alin Voinea 04/09/2012 15:01 100 Antonio De
9405 Task Closed Urgent Refactor Alin Voinea 13/09/2012 18:53 100 Antonio De
9404 Task Closed High Drop p4a.z2utils dependency Alin Voinea 10/08/2012 12:08 100 Antonio
9403 Task Closed Urgent Create branches for daviz packages
9402 Task Closed High RSS2 output to the faceted
9401 Task Closed Normal Document via a wiki how
9400 Feature New Normal Improvements to Products.ZSPARQLMethod (default-graph-uri) Zoltan Szabo 26/09/2012
9399 Bug Closed High TinyMCE as default editor Alexandru Ghica 09/08/2012
9398 Bug Closed Urgent Make pre-production use PrintingMailhost Alexandru Ghica 07/08/2012
9397 Bug Closed High Folder's default property changes on
9396 Task Closed Urgent improvements to graylog Alexandru Ghica 27/09/2012 10:57 100 Antonio
9395 Bug Closed Urgent Translated pages missing Christian Xavier Georges
9394 Bug Closed Urgent Check undo on Plone 4.2 Tiberiu
9393 Bug Closed Normal Biogeographic Region codelists not displaying
9392 Bug Closed High multimedia page style on internet
9391 Bug Closed High Fix bugs in translations Christian Xavier
9389 Bug Closed Urgent sortable table js is not
9388 Bug Closed High related video link gives download
9387 Bug Closed Urgent organisational chart fails Antonio De Marinis 02/08/2012
9386 Task New High make viewlet of eea.relations relatedItems
9385 Bug New Normal localTimeFormat in site properties does
9384 Bug Closed High Mark newsletters as sent Zoltan Szabo 02/08/2012
9383 Bug Closed Normal JS error on videos David Ichim 08/11/2012
9382 Bug Closed Urgent Issues with that prevents
9381 Bug Closed High I foung a bug in
9380 Task Closed Normal Feedback to DaViz Antonio De Marinis 02/08/2012
9379 Feature Closed Normal eea.faceted.vocabularies: generate translation in po
9378 Bug New Normal When creating new items, get
9377 Bug Closed High Layout problem: titles get pushed
9376 Bug Closed Normal Fonts are too big daviz-edit.html Zoltan
9375 Bug Closed Urgent Geotag information disapears Alin Voinea 26/07/2012 17:20 100 Marie
9374 Bug New Normal Error in infocentre when creating
9373 Bug Closed Urgent Sparql bookmarks folder view fails Zoltan
9372 Bug Closed High Fix eea.versions for Plone 4.0 Zoltan
9371 Bug Closed Normal Error in template for SOER David
9370 Bug Closed Normal Natura2000 embedded map is slow
9369 Bug Closed High "Charts on preview and dashboard
9368 Bug New Normal Faceted history issue on IE
9367 Bug Closed Urgent Send newsletters asynchronous from a
9366 Bug Closed High eea.daviz compatible with Plone 4.2 Alin
9364 Feature Closed Normal Make QR code size configurable Zoltan
9363 Feature Closed High eea.facetednavigation: generate translation in po
9362 Idea Invalid Normal Plumi (a video sharing website
9361 Bug Closed High Atct_topic_view error when using empty
9360 Task Closed Normal Setup Apache on Unicorn for
9359 Task Closed Urgent test functionality on Bogdan Ciobanu 17/07/2012
9357 Task Closed High better error handling and user
9356 Bug Closed Urgent Faceted navigation daterange widget exception Alin
9355 Idea Closed High DaViz SaaS + Nayaa integration Antonio
9350 Feature Closed High extend daviz dashboard with HTML
9349 Bug Closed High export to png and image
9348 Bug Closed Urgent column labels and data settings-types
9344 Bug Closed High error on daviz when clicking
9343 Bug Closed Normal Html tags without contents are
9342 Bug Closed Urgent global search not responsing, glossary
9341 Bug Closed High Problem releasing packages with eggmonkey
9340 Bug Closed Normal EEATags error on IE <
9339 Bug Closed High search RSS feed is not
9338 Bug Closed High Validate subscriber email before allowing
9337 Bug Closed Normal Unauthorized error message while determining
9336 Task Closed Normal ONE story - Poland in
9335 Feature New Normal Improve exception logging in Zope Tiberiu
9333 Bug New Normal album thumb height is broken
9332 Feature Closed High feature: action visualise this data Zoltan
9331 Task Closed High Upgrade Plone from 4.1.5 to
9330 Task Closed Normal Signals 2012 in Gaelic Marie Jaegly 11/07/2012
9329 Bug New Normal Translation of video shows an
9328 Bug Closed High not visible actions menu Bogdan Ciobanu 10/08/2012
9327 Task New Urgent "we need a way to
9324 Bug Closed High Geotags widget is broken for
9323 Bug Closed High "clean daviz installation gives a
9322 Bug Closed High Dropdowns are not working in
9321 Bug Closed High duplicated empty table for owner
9318 Bug New Normal multiple videos shown in portlet
9317 Task Closed High Implement eionet look and feel Antonio
9316 Bug Closed High Fix EEAFigure edit form David Ichim 16/07/2012
9315 Task Closed High Setup daviz Plone4 machine Alin Voinea 16/07/2012
9314 Task New High make discomap and eyeonearth map
9313 Bug Closed Urgent Investigate slow response on images
9311 Task Closed Normal Prepare for Windows 8 and
9310 Bug Closed High Facetednavigation try to create a
9309 Bug Closed Urgent ZEO not running on Cockatoo Alexandru
9308 Task Closed High changes to figure fancybox and
9302 Task Closed High redesign sparql view page Antonio De
9301 Bug Closed Urgent wrong autodetection as boolean Zoltan Szabo 16/07/2012
9300 Bug Closed Immediate Unified python-ldap version on all
9299 Bug Closed Normal Colophon problem in Multimedia David Ichim 16/07/2012
9298 Task Closed Normal add youtube/vimeo url to all
9297 Bug Closed High error when changing title to
9296 Bug Closed Urgent redirection to not_available_lang on gallery_view Antonio
9294 Bug New Normal Attribute error Creators on @@rdf
9293 Bug Closed High utf-8 decode problem with @@rdf
9292 Task Invalid Normal mutli repository support for zope
9290 Bug Closed Normal Missing organisations crash several some
9289 Bug Closed High Problem with facetted navigation for
9287 Bug Closed High Cannot save metadata for translation
9286 Bug Closed Normal @@rdf on a DTMLMethod results
9285 Bug Closed High folder_summary_view anonymous listing David Ichim 16/07/2012 14:12 100 David
9284 Bug Closed High error on daviz view Zoltan Szabo 10/07/2012
9281 Task Closed Normal Replace loganalyzer (on loggerhead) Tiberiu Ichim 07/08/2012
9280 Bug Closed High Can't find comment button on
9279 Bug Closed High Atct_topic_view error on bad translation
9278 Bug Closed Normal Change version increase strategy for
9277 Task Closed High add varnish and serviceWWW instances
9276 Feature Closed Urgent enable links to external files
9274 Bug Closed Normal deprecated is_empty is still in
9272 Bug New High Latest addition list shows old
9271 Bug Closed Normal registry resources are saved twice
9270 Bug New Normal Resources that are registered on
9269 Bug Closed High event ICal and VCal error
9268 Bug New Normal Make sure that we have
9267 Bug Closed Normal Errors in newsletters when discussions
9266 Bug New Normal error when attempting to view
9265 Bug Closed Normal Add serviceWWW to HA infrastructure Adrian
9264 Bug New Normal Conversion of some TIFF files
9263 Bug New Normal Conversion of several EPS files
9262 Bug Closed High Replace EEA eggrepo server Alexandru Ghica 21/11/2012
9261 Bug New High Improvements to eea.eggmonkey to aid
9260 Bug Closed Normal permission required on right navigation
9257 Bug Closed Normal unicodedecodeerror on eggmonkey Tiberiu Ichim 22/11/2012 10:28 100 Antonio
9255 Task New High Cannot add folders inside articles 09/11/2012
9254 Bug Closed Normal problem with font size of
9252 Bug Closed Urgent form fields for translated items
9251 Bug Closed High link National and Regional Stories
9250 Bug Closed High soer part c layout Antonio De
9249 Bug Closed Normal Upgrade loggerhead to latest version Traian
9248 Bug Closed High Changing workflow state from the
9247 Bug Closed Normal Check default view page for
9246 Bug Closed High Some translation of environmental themes
9245 Bug Closed High Close date has dissapeared from
9244 Task Closed Normal Add file size validator Antonio De
9243 Feature Closed High EEA domain: generate translation in
9242 Bug New Normal Improve loggerhead searching Antonio De Marinis 13/06/2012
9241 Bug Closed Urgent figures do not get state
9240 Task Closed Urgent Handle big files on upload/download Adrian
9238 Task Closed Urgent RAR files support by filetype
9236 Bug Closed Urgent error when uploading a large
9235 Bug Closed Normal Fix getPlacefulChainFor error on anonymous Tiberiu
9233 Bug New Normal Internet Explorer issue with too
9232 Task Closed Immediate image to be used for
9230 Bug Closed Urgent "error when doing ""check out""" Alin
9229 Bug Closed Urgent "we must not list ""public
9228 Bug Closed Normal wrong indentation on right navigation
9226 Task Closed Urgent custom table export for all
9224 Task Closed Urgent EEA website cloud hosting for
9223 Task Closed High "multimedia: make top videos ""gallery
9222 Bug Closed High Themes' view needs to be
9221 Bug Closed Urgent issues with effective date, it
9220 Feature Closed High Put the english language icon
9219 Bug Closed Normal Widget displayed twice David Ichim 19/06/2012 09:17 100 Bogdan
9218 Bug Closed Normal Design problems in IE8 David Ichim 16/07/2012
9217 Bug Closed Urgent not well stored organisation values Antonio
9216 Task Closed Normal Fix HISTORY.txt markup Bogdan Ciobanu 16/07/2012 14:12 100 Alexandru
9214 Bug Closed High Cannot insert image if located
9212 Task Closed High Create main template skeleton for
9209 Feature Closed High Improve script Antonio De Marinis 16/07/2012
9208 Bug Closed Normal Fix eea.daviz export error Alin Voinea 15/06/2012
9207 Bug Closed High Fix PROPFIND attacks Zoltan Szabo 17/07/2012 16:19 100 Alexandru
9206 Bug Closed Urgent Investigate unauthorized on several datasets Tiberiu
9205 Bug Closed High Protect register_newsletter Alexandru Ghica 15/06/2012 12:03 100 Alexandru Ghica EEA
9204 Bug New Normal The login form on /login_failed
9203 Bug Closed High Enable faceted navigation with no
9202 Bug Closed Urgent "cannot access the ""manage translations""
9198 Bug Closed Normal Interface for geotags enabled objects David
9197 Idea Closed Normal URL-field optional to full fil
9193 Idea New Low Make a calender when specifying
9192 Bug New Normal Hide short/long term subtitles when
9191 Task New Normal Fix @@rdf view for mimetypes
9190 Bug New Normal Geotagging fails when using IE Alexandru
9189 Bug New Normal "Style button for ""discreete"" style
9188 Bug Closed Normal Problem with heading style next
9187 Bug Closed High Adding metadata to publication translations
9185 Task Closed Normal Add chinese to possible translation
9182 Feature Closed Urgent Make the collection resutls appear
9180 Bug New Normal design issues for eea website Antonio
9179 Idea New Normal update geotags to arcgis 2.8
9174 Task Closed Urgent Upgrade commenting system Antonio De Marinis 09/07/2012
9173 Bug Closed High Fix CSS for highlights slideshow David
9172 Bug Closed Normal Unnecessay grey rectangle on pages
9171 Bug Closed Urgent Public draft items show up
9169 Task Closed Normal Layout issues on multilingual pages Christian
9168 Feature Closed High Follow-up on social media statistics Antonio
9167 Bug Closed Urgent Display mode of all collections
9166 Task Closed High Mark data-and-providers for deletion Antonio De
9165 Bug Closed Urgent Changing language on the web
9163 Bug Closed Urgent Error when saving changes to
9160 Bug Closed Normal SOER search portlet broken style David
9158 Bug Closed Urgent Navigation manager problem Christian Xavier Georges
9155 Task New High Cleanup old geocoding code Alexandru Ghica 09/05/2012
9154 Task Closed Normal Signals 2012 for the www Marie
9153 Task Closed High Deploy a devel server for
9152 Bug Closed High Fix theme translation on portlet Christian
9151 Bug Closed Urgent Translate all main topics Marie Jaegly 13/06/2012
9150 Bug Closed Urgent Error on translating multimedia folder Christian
9149 Task New Low Deprecated XLIFF import Alexandru Ghica 08/05/2012 17:21 0 Alexandru
9148 Task New Low Document translation of interface Christian Xavier
9147 Task Closed High Check translations on all eea
9146 Task Closed Low Detect missing i18n on templates
9145 Task Closed High Use i18ndude to generate PO
9144 Task Closed Urgent Check translations for certain eea
9143 Task New Normal Check translations on 3rd party
9142 Bug Closed Normal Auto related portlet display issues David
9140 Bug Closed Normal Document actions' icons must be
9139 Bug Closed High Bug at Geographical coverage for
9136 Feature Closed Normal Add visualize button on sparql
9127 Idea New Normal Making it easier for end-users
9126 Bug Closed Immediate translated folders with no content Tiberiu
9125 Bug Closed High Green tips in the footer
9124 Feature New Normal improve batch images related to
9123 Feature Closed High use title of data source
9122 Bug Closed High daviz: random order of columns
9121 Bug Closed Urgent Fix duplicate geotags Bogdan Ciobanu 15/06/2012 12:03 100 Alexandru
9120 Bug Closed High dcterms:effective does not exist, use
9119 Task Closed High Technical review of EEA Multilingual
9118 Bug Closed Urgent Error when viewing an assessment
9117 Bug Closed High Problem editing DataTable when get_readiness
9116 Bug New Normal Different parts collapses in edit-mode Antonio
9115 Task In Progress Normal add relation to translations
9114 Task Closed Urgent add versioning info in RDF Antonio
9112 Task Closed Low Add MIME-type in the RDF
9111 Task Closed Urgent too cumbersome and slow of
9110 Bug Closed High effective date must not be
9109 Feature New Normal enable versioning on data visualisations Alin
9108 Bug New High predefined google map regions do
9107 Task Closed High Image in featured box must
9106 Task Closed High Visualisation are sometimes empty Alin Voinea 15/06/2012
9105 Bug Closed High Integrate gettext compilation of .po
9104 Idea New Normal id in RDF shall not
9103 Bug Closed High TOC not working on certain
9102 Bug New Normal improve language selection on pages Antonio
9101 Task Closed High Upgrade Plone from 4.1.2 to
9099 Bug Closed Normal When creating a new version
9098 Task Closed Urgent Setup a cron to convert
9097 Bug Closed Urgent broken URI on table lens Alin
9096 Bug Closed Urgent List of closed job applications
9095 Bug Closed Urgent featured portlet image in IE8
9094 Bug Closed Urgent album view used in figures
9091 Bug Closed Urgent indicators and figures view and
9090 Bug Closed Urgent Imposible to edit figure for
9087 Feature Closed High RDF/XML download format for sparql
9086 Bug New Normal Refesh cache when update image Christian
9085 Feature New Normal Expand country groups Alexandru Ghica 16/08/2012 16:14 0 Alexandru
9084 Bug Closed Urgent Fix the language selection Zoltan Szabo 24/04/2012
9083 Feature New Normal Integrate the EEA Forum with
9082 Feature Closed High Extend question object Zoltan Szabo 17/07/2012 09:42 100 Alexandru
9081 Task Closed Urgent UI improvements to add questions Zoltan
9080 Task Closed High EEA header and footer to
9079 Feature Closed Normal Change Social Network icons on
9077 Bug Closed Normal Sort results on Awaiting Answer Zoltan
9076 Bug Closed High live search in cms not
9075 Feature New Normal automatically add related items from
9074 Bug Closed High set default format for sparql_download Zoltan
9073 Bug Closed Urgent Get rid of commiting in
9072 Task Feedback High Extend alchemyapi license Antonio De Marinis 13/11/2012
9071 Bug Closed Urgent fix various eea.sparql errors Zoltan Szabo 11/04/2012
9070 Idea New Normal Environmental questions function Antonio De Marinis 14/05/2012
9068 Feature New High add epub as mimetype and
9067 Task Closed High re-categorize maps as graphs Tiberiu Ichim 15/06/2012
9066 Bug Closed Urgent multilingual glossary has wrong header Alexandru
9065 Feature Closed High extension of body text on
9064 Feature Closed High On sparql queries make timeout
9063 Bug Closed High Syncing sparql bookmarks has problems Zoltan
9062 Bug Closed Urgent Fix edit geotags on agg
9061 Bug Closed Normal Tabs and accordion folder views
9060 Bug Closed High geo tags removed from publications
9059 Bug Closed Urgent Sparql cache issues Alin Voinea 20/04/2012 15:18 100 Antonio
9058 Bug Closed Urgent Fix @@sparql-download view not to
9057 Feature Closed Urgent Enforce data provenance/source information Alin Voinea 16/07/2012
9056 Feature New High auto discover geotags on visualization 07/11/2012