Waterbase-TCM: HazSubs Sediment

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The HSSediment table contains disaggregated data on hazardous substances in sediment, measured at Eionet-Water transitional, coastal or marine water monitoring stations, provided by national sources only. Each station has been assigned a unique Waterbase identifier (WaterbaseID) which can be used to link the Quality data with their respective Stations data.
European data
Table definition
Year Year year of aggregation period (aggregated data sets), or year in which sample taken (disaggregated data sets), in format YYYY. Year should be no later than that requested in the last Eionet-Water data request. smallint(2) 0
Month Month month in which sample taken, values in range 0-12. If the month value has not been supplied the value will be 0. smallint(2) 0
Day Day day in which sample was taken, values in range 0-31. If the day value has not been supplied the value will be 0. smallint(2) 0
SedimentTop Top of sediment layer top of analysed sediment layer measured from the sediment surface in cm. Value will be 0 if the top of the sediment layer is the surface. int(4) 0
SedimentBottom Bottom of sediment layer bottom of analysed sediment layer measured from the sediment surface in cm. int(4) 0
Concentration Concentration concentration of determinand in sample. In TCM data, concentration values recorded as below the limit of detection or determination should contain the limit of detection or determination in the concentration field, with the LimitFlag field set to <. float(8) 0
BottomDepth Bottom depth of sediment depth of sea bottom at sampling site in m. numeric(5) 0
OrganicCarbon Organic carbon organic carbon content as a percentage of total dry weight. numeric(5) 0
DryWetRatio Dry wet ratio ratio of dry weight to wet weight as a percentage. numeric(5) 0
CountryCode Country code abbreviation of EEA Member or Collaborating country. ISO 3166-alpha-2 code elements. nvarchar(2) -1
WaterbaseID Waterbase ID internally produced, unique identifier used to represent the monitoring station for rivers, lakes, transitional, coastal and marine waters, and water quantity, in the format CountryCode_WaterDataSet_NationalStationID (e.g. AT_RV_001), or the groundwater body, in the format CountryCode_WaterDataSet_EWN-Code (e.g. AT_GW_AT001). nvarchar(35) -1
SampleID Sample ID unique sample identifier required if multiple samples taken on same day. SampleID default value is 0. nvarchar(20) 0
Determinand Determinand determinand name. nvarchar(50) 0
CAS number CAS Number Chemical Abstract Service Number of the hazardous substance, as defined in the codelist. nvarchar(30) 0
Unit Unit unit of measurement. nvarchar(15) 0
DataSource Data source source of data: Eionet, ICES, MEDPOL. nvarchar(10) 0
GrainType Grain type sediment type description. M=mud, FS=fine sand, MS=middle sand, CS=coarse sand, S=sand, unspecified coarseness, G=gravel. nvarchar(15) 0
Fraction Fraction upper limit of particle size in analysed fraction in µm. nvarchar(10) 0
LimitOfDetectionFlag Limit of detection or determination flag flag to indicate sample below analytical limit of detection or determination in format <. nvarchar(1) 0
Sampler Sampler name of sampling equipment used. nvarchar(30) 0
Basis Basis basis of measurement. D=dry, L=lipid (fat), W=wet, X=unknown. nvarchar(1) 0
Remarks Remarks remarks, comments or explanatory notes. nvarchar(255) 0
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