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The Inputs table contains data on the yearly riverine inputs of loads to transitional, coastal and marine waters which are monitored at Eionet-Water flux stations, provided by national sources or Marine Conventions. Each flux station has been assigned a unique Waterbase identifier (WaterbaseID) which can be used to link the Input data with their respective Flux Stations data.
European data
Table definition
Year Year year of aggregation period (aggregated data sets), or year in which sample taken (disaggregated data sets), in format YYYY. Year should be no later than that requested in the last Eionet-Water data request. int(4) -1
Unit Unit unit of measurement. nvarchar(30) 0
Remarks Remarks remarks, comments or explanatory notes. nvarchar(255) 0
WaterbaseID Waterbase ID internally produced, unique identifier used to represent the monitoring station for rivers, lakes, transitional, coastal and marine waters, and water quantity, in the format CountryCode_WaterDataSet_NationalStationID (e.g. AT_RV_001), or the groundwater body, in the format CountryCode_WaterDataSet_EWN-Code (e.g. AT_GW_AT001). nvarchar(255) -1
CASNo Chemical Abstract Service Number Chemical Abstract Service Number of determinand. nvarchar(20) 0
Determinand Determinand determinand name. nvarchar(255) -1
Load Load estimated load of determinand. float(8) 0
CountryCode Country code abbreviation of EEA Member or Collaborating country. ISO 3166-alpha-2 code elements. varchar(2) 0
Estimate Estimate type L=lower estimate based on treating determinand values that are less than the limits of detection as zero, U=upper estimate based on treating determinand values that are less than the limits of detection as equivalent to limit of detection value, X=unspecified. varchar(1) -1
Method Method of estimation OutY=calculations including outlier values, OutN=calculations excluding outlier values, FloodY=calculations accounting for flood events, FloodN=calculations not accounting for flood events, XSS=loads calculated by extrapolation from concentrations (of micropollutants) in suspended sediment, Other=other methods. varchar(20) 0
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