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The dataset contains time series of emissions of nutrients and hazardous substances to water, reported by EEA member countries and cooperating countries. The data has been compiled and processed by EEA. Please refer to the metadata for additional information.
European data
Table definition

T_WISE1_Emissions (60015 records)

Annual emissions of nutrients, organic matter and hazardous substances from point discharges and diffuse sources to inland surface waters, aggregated by pollutant and spatial unit.

Element nameElement definitionValue definitions
spatialUnitIdentifier Unique international identifier of the spatial unit for which the data is being reported. see Vocabulary
spatialUnitIdentifierScheme Specification of whether the spatial unit is a country ('countryCode'), a Water Framework Directive river basin district ('euRBDCode') or a Water Framework Directive sub-unit ('euSubUnitCode'). For data providers that do not report under the WFD, spatial units equivalent to river basin districts ('eionetRBDCode') or sub-units ('eionetSubUnitCode') should be used. see Vocabulary
phenomenonTimeReferencePeriod The year or range of years to which the data applies.
observedPropertyDeterminandCode Unique code of the determinand monitored, as defined in the codelist. see Vocabulary
parameterEmissionsSourceCategory See the code list values for a definition of each category. see Vocabulary
parameterEPRTRfacilities Information if the Emission value is aggregated from E-PRTR Facilities or from non-E-PRTR Facilities or from both together. See codelist for details. both: Emission value includes emissions from both E-PRTR and non-E-PRTR Facilities;
no: Emission value includes emissions from non-E-PRTR Facilities only;
yes: Emission value includes emissions from E-PRTR Facilities only
resultEmissionsValue Annual emission of nutrients (tonne/year), organic matter (tonne/year) or hazardous substances (kg/year) from a specific source of emissions, aggregated by spatial unit.
resultEmissionsUom Unit of measure for the reported emission value. see Vocabulary
procedureEmissionsMethod Method used in the quantification of the emissions value. calculated: Point sources only - Values of emissions are based on calculations;
estimated: Point and diffuse sources - Values of emissions are based on non-standardised estimations;
measured: Point sources only - Values of emissions are based on measurements;
modelled: Diffuse sources only - Values of emissions are based on model results
resultObservationStatus Status of the observed value in terms of its availability, relevancy, correctness or specifics of its source category. A: Record is confirmed as correct;
L: Missing observed value, the data were not collected;
M: Missing observed value, the data can not exist;
N: Missing observed value, observed value is not relevant or not significant;
O: Missing observed value, no further information is available;
W: Missing observed value, data are included in another source category;
X: Reported value includes data from another source category (categories);
Y: The source category does not exactly match the standard definition;
Z: Record reported in the past should be deleted
Remarks Remarks, comments or explanatory notes.
metadata_versionId Unique metadata identifier of version of the feature or record. Url that points either to the source of the reported data or to a page providing information on the data origin.
metadata_beginLifeSpanVersion Timestamp when feature or record was created. In case of reported data it's the release date and time of the respective CDR envelope.
metadata_statusCode Status of the feature or record regarding its registration. valid: accepted and valid reported feature or record;
experimental: derived feature or record, e.g. legacy record converted to the new structure by EEA or records with updated spatial identifiers
metadata_statements Aditional information or statements regarding the reliability of the feature or record.
UID Unique identifier of the record in the EEA WISE_SOE database.
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