Sensitivity to desertification and drought in Europe

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Desertification is an advanced stage of land degradation where the soil has lost part of its capability to support human communities and ecosystems

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Mapping sensitivity to desertification (DISMED), 2008
Desertification assessment fact sheet, Adobe pdf-file


Additional information

A thorough assessment of desertification would require the analysis of several physical and socio-economical factors. Quantitative information on the causal factors is scarce and the use of models to assess the sensitivity to desertification and drought is the most common approach. The assessment presented here gives an overview of the sensitivity to desertification and drought in a vast European region comprising the northern Mediterranean and central-eastern Europe. Its main objective is to facilitate the identification of hot-spots at the regional level for early warnings.
Geographical coverage: the map covers European countries included in Annex IV (Northern Mediterranean) and Annex V (Central and Eastern Europe) to the UNCCD for which basic data are available. One or more basic data layers were not available for Cyprus, Malta, Turkey and Kosovo. Except for France, the entire national territory has been considered in the assessment even if not all is included in a relevant climatic



Geographic coverage