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Reference Waterbase is the EEA's database on the status and quality of Europe's rivers, lakes and groundwater bodies

European data

Reference WATERBASE - Groundwater: chemical quality data

Chemicals table - this table contains data on chemical quality measured at the EUROWATERNET groundwater monitoring bodies. Chemical and body data can be linked using the WaterbaseID.

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75Percentile 75th percentile concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Mean Average concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Median Median concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Unit Unit of measurement as defined in Metadata section nvarchar(8) 0
25Percentile 25th Percentile concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Maximum Maximum concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Year Year of measurements/aggregation int(4) 0
Countrycode Country Code ISO3166 two digit code nvarchar(4) 0
Country Country name (ISO 3166-1) official short name in English nvarchar(200) 0
Minimum Minimum concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Determinand Determinand name As defined in Metadata section nvarchar(30) 0
NoOfSites Number of sampling sites investigate in the aggregation period int(4) 0
AggregationPeriod Period of aggregation Annual = aggregated over whole year, Summer = aggregated over summer months, Winter = aggregated over winter months nvarchar(10) 0
WaterbaseID Waterbase ID Internal, unique station identifier nvarchar(20) -1
Reference WATERBASE - Groundwater: bodies characteristic data

Bodies table - this table contains data on the EUROWATERNET groundwater monitoring bodies' physical characteristics. Each body has been assigned a unique WATERBASE identifier (WaterbaseID).

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GwDepthTo Depth to groundwater is the distance from the land surface to the top of the GW-body in m float(8) 0
LanduseArableLand Arable land use as % within the area of the GW-body float(8) 0
AnnualPrecipitation Long term average annual precipitation over the GW-body in mm/year float(8) 0
GwHorizon Groundwater horizon in which the groundwater body is situated. 1 = top horizon etc. float(8) 0
GwBodyThickness The approx. thickness of the groundwater body in m float(8) 0
WaterbaseIDName Name of the "Unique Waterbase Identifier" represents the name of the groundwater body nvarchar(200) 0
Countrycode Country Code ISO3166 two digit code nvarchar(2) 0
WaterbaseID Unique Waterbase Identifier represents the EWN groundwater body code nvarchar(20) -1
GwBodyArea Groundwater body area in km2 float(8) 0
AquiferType Aquifer type porous media, fractured media, karst nvarchar(15) 0
Country Country name (ISO 3166-1) official short name in English nvarchar(100) 0


Additional information

The data contained in this database can be accessed through a series of web pages which form part of the EEA Data Service's public web site. Pre-defined applications have been designed to assist the user to extract and analyse the data in a format that is both helpful and meaningful. Reference Waterbase contains timely, reliable and policy-relevant data collected from EEA member countries through the Eurowaternet (EWN) process. EWN selects validated, mostly aggregated, monitoring data from national databases and adds information on the physical characteristics of the water bodies being monitored and on the pressures potentially affecting water quality. Although many countries make their highly aggregated data available over the Internet, the level and form of aggregation often varies from country to country making detailed quantitative comparisons difficult. The added value of Reference Waterbase is that data collected through the EWN process are from statistically stratified monitoring stations and groundwater bodies and are comparable at European level. These data are primarily used in the production of the EEA's indicator-based factsheets. Data disclaimer: The data in Reference Waterbase are sub-samples of national data assembled for the purpose of providing comparable indicators of pressures, state and impact of waters on a Europe-wide scale and the data sets are not intended for assessing compliance with any European Directive or any other legal instrument. Information on the national and sub-national scales should be sought from other sources.



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