Nationally Designated Areas

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European data
Table definition
Parentis Parent country ISO code nvarchar(6) 0
Iso3 Country ISO code nvarchar(6) 0
Lon Longitude decimal degrees float(8) 0
Sitecode1 CDDA site code (sequential number) nvarchar(24) 0
Latmin Latitude minutes float(8) 0
Latns Latitude North/South (always N) nvarchar(2) 0
Year Year of establishment of the site nvarchar(8) 0
Desigabb national designation type code nvarchar(5) -1
Areaname Site Name (in principle in local language) nvarchar(240) 0
Designat Designation title in English nvarchar(160) 0
Latsec Latitude seconds float(8) 0
Latdeg Latitude degrees float(8) 0
Nuts1 Nuts code nvarchar(10) 0
Lonsec Longitude seconds float(8) 0
Lat Latitude decimal degrees float(8) 0
Londeg Longitude degrees float(8) 0
Sitecode Unique site reference code float(8) 0
Lonew Longitude East/West (E or W) nvarchar(2) 0
Lonmin Longitude minutes float(8) 0
Size Surface area in ha. float(8) 0
Iucncat IUCN management category nvarchar(8) 0
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