National Emission Ceilings (NEC) Inventory - NFR02 sector classification

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European data
Table definition
Field name Field definition Note Data type Primary key
Emissions Emission value float(8) No
Sort Pollutant sort int(4) No
Unit Unit of emission rate in Kilotonne (1000 Tonnes) nvarchar(40) No
Notation Comment - means "no emissions", "NE" means "not estimated", "NA" means "not available", "IE" means "included elsewhere", "C" means "confidential", "NO" means "not occuring" nvarchar(10) No
Parent_sector_code Parent sector code NFR02 sector classification nvarchar(15) No
Sector_name Sector name NFR02 sector classification nvarchar(75) No
Year Annual data years available: 1980 - 2003 nvarchar(4) Yes
Format_name Name of guideline NFR02 sector classification nvarchar(100) No
Sector_code Sector code NFR02 sector classification nvarchar(15) Yes
Country_code International Country Code (ISO 3166-1-Alpha-2 code elements) nvarchar(4) Yes
Country Country name (ISO 3166-1) official short name in English nvarchar(53) No
Pollutant_name Short name of pollutant pollutants available: CO, NH3, NMVOC, NOX, SO2 nvarchar(20) Yes
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