Geomorphology, Geology, Erosion trends and Coastal defence works

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The dataset consists of two layers: 1) This layer features both morpho-sedimentological and geological patterns of the European coastline

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Geology, Geomorphology and Erosion trends, vector data, polyline



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Both a geomorphological and a geological code is assigned to each segment. 20 different geomorphological types (and thus codes) and 13 geological types have been defined. 2) This layer features both erosion trends and the existence of coastal defence works along the coast. 3 codes have been defined to depict erosion trends (stable, erosion, accretion) and 2 codes to depict coastal defence works (presence, absence). Both layers are provided at scale 1:100,000, in vector format, and consists in a segmentation of the EUROSION shoreline.
Geographical coverage note: Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and ultra-peripheral regions are only covered 20%. Also, only EU25 countries with coast are included in the data set.



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