EUNIS modular database

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EUNIS modular database brings together European data from several databases and organisations into three interlinked modules on protected sites, species and habitat types.

European data

EUNIS database in RDF/XML

In order to facilitate combination of EUNIS data with other datasets, the EUNIS database has been made available as RDF/XML. To cater to stakeholders who are interested in only a subset of the data, the dataset has been partitioned into several files.

  • Biogeographical regions
    Download file
  • Countries
    Download file
  • Links between countries and biogeographical regions
    Download file
  • Designations of sites
    Download file
  • Habitat types (only Eunis, not Habitats Directive)
    Download file
  • Geographical scopes
    Download file
  • Habitat types
    Download file
  • Images and associated metadata
    Download file
  • Legislation references
    Download file
  • References to sources
    Download file
  • Region coverage of protected sites
    Download file
  • Protected sites
    Download file
  • Species
    Download file
  • Species groups
    Download file
  • Higher (family and up) taxonomies
    Download file


Additional information

The EUNIS information system provides access to the publicly available data in the EUNIS database. The information includes:

  • Data on species, habitat types and designated sites compiled in the framework of Natura 2000 (EU Habitats and Birds Directives);
  • The EUNIS habitat classification;
  • Data from material compiled by the European Topic Centre of Biological Diversity;
  • Information on species, habitat types and designated sites mentioned in relevant international conventions and in the IUCN Red Lists;
  • Specific data collected in the framework of the EEA's reporting activities, which also constitute a core set of data to be updated periodically, e.g. Eionet priority dataflow Nationally designated areas (CDDA).


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