EEA Marine waters for analysis

Prod-ID: DAT-285-en
Created 25 Oct 2022 Last modified 15 Dec 2022
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This map is a harmonised vector dataset serving for analysis purposes only and shall not be considered as an official or legally-binding map representing marine borders in accordance with international laws. This map shall be used without prejudice to the agreements that will be concluded between Member States or between Member States and non-EU Countries in respect of their marine borders.

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EEA Marine waters for analysis
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Additional information

This dataset originates from the second edition of Marine waters used in Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), which was subsequentially harmonised with map "EEA coastline for analysis" and "MSFD regions and subregions" from map "Regional seas around Europe, Oct. 2022".

EEA Marine waters for analysis dataset thus contains 44 units, distinguished between EU Member States (EU27+UK), MSFD regions/subregions, and type ("Watercolumn and seabed" and "Seabed only" areas).

The "Watercolumn and seabed" areas mark the area from the Member State coastline to 200 NM from the coast except for the "Watercolumn and seabed" areas, claimed by Greece, which extend from the coastline to 6 NM from the coast. "Seabed only" areas represent extended continental shelf beyond 200 NM where some Member States have advanced seabed /subsoil claims.



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