Desertification in the Mediterranean region

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Created 29 Apr 2009 Published 29 Apr 2009 Last modified 29 Nov 2012
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The European Topic Centre on Terrestrial Environment (ETC-TE) has been asked by the European Environment Agency (EEA) to support the development of a sensitivity mapping on desertification and drought in the Mediterranean countries at scale 1 : 1.000.000

GIS data

Zipped GRID format, raster data


Mapping sensitivity to desertification (DISMED), 2003


Additional information

This is part of the project Desertification Information System to Support National Action Programmes in the Mediterranean (DISMED), where the EEA is involved. Since March 2002 a Working group on sensitivity mapping on desertification and drought has been established with the mandate of defining technical specification of the cartography. By the end of June 2003 the ETC prepared an assessment report on the feasibility of the map where it was concluded that a minimum data sets and methodology existed for Europe except for the socio-economic layer. Since no new data has been available, the map developed corresponds to the minimum requirements described in the above mentioned report.
Geographical coverage note: data for the Mediterranean parts of France only



Geographic coverage