Dashboard (Tableau)

Soil moisture

Dashboard (Tableau)
Prod-ID: DAS-223-en
Published 13 Aug 2020
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Monitoring soil moisture shortages is a precondition for managing drought adaptation and resilience of ecosystems, such as foreseen by the EU Nature restoration plan of the EU Biodiversity strategy 2030. This dashboard analyses 20 years (2000-2019) soil moisture content in Europe (EU27, EEA-38 and the UK). Soil moisture deficits, trends in soil moisture values and the area under pressure are presented by countries and land cover. Scroll down to the More information section for further details.

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Access the annual growing season soil moisture dataset here:  

Soil moisture is essential for the development of plants, it regulates soil structure, soil temperature, salinity and the presence of toxic substances and it contributes to prevent soil erosion. As it determines conditions for land use, soil moisture content is an important element of the land system.

Soil moisture is measured in standardised anomalies, i.e. in standard deviations from the long-term (1995-2019) normal conditions. Negative values indicate deficit in soil moisture content whereas positive values indicate more than average soil moisture content. 

Soil moisture time series is acquired through the Copernicus Emergency Service maintained by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.


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