Corine land cover 2000 lakes

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Created 21 Jun 2005 Published 21 Jun 2005 Last modified 20 Mar 2023
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F2v0 - This dataset is an extract of four CLC classes from Corine land cover 2000 (CLC 2000) seamless vector database - version 9/2007

GIS data

CLC2000 Lakes - shape files, vector data, polygon


Additional information

The purpose of this dataset is to provide a dataset with lakes including all relevant CLC layers that contain information about lakes. The layer contains the following Corine land cover categories with CLC definitions as follows: 4.1.1 Inland marshes (Low-lying land usually flooded in winter and more or less saturated by water all year round); 5.1.1 Water courses (Natural or artificial water courses serving as water drainage channels. Includes canals. Minimum width for inclusion: 100 m); 5.1.2 Water bodies (Natural or artificial stretches of water); 5.2.1 Coastal lagunes (Stretches of salt or brackish water in coastal areas, which are separated from the sea by a tongue of land or other similar topography. These water bodies can be connected to the sea at limited points, either permanently or for parts of the year only). Note that water bodies in the sense of this nomenclature are not the legally defined water bodies that Member States characterised under the Water Framework Directive. Changes from version 1 is that the coverage was improved with Montenegro and Serbia.



Geographic coverage