Administrative land accounting units

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GISCO administrative boundaries (NUTS) v9 generalised using the 1 km reference grid for the Land cover accounts project (LEAC)

GIS data

Administrative land accounting units (Land analytical and reporting units, LARU, used in LEAC), zipped shape file format, raster


Additional information

Administrative land accounting units are used to allocate land cover changes and to relate socio-economic processes to land cover dynamics. The GISCO database (Eurostat) provides a medium-scale layer for regional administrative boundaries (NUTS) covering the entire EU territory. The hierarchy of administrative land accounting units allows the analysis of the data at various scales, from NUTS 3 (province level) to NUTS 0 (country level). A mixed level, combining NUTS 3 and NUTS 2 was defined in order to homogenize the size of the units.



Geographic coverage


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