EEA Staff list

Last updated on: 13 Oct 2017

Members of Natural systems and sustainability.

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 First name   Last name   Programme 
Adem BILGIN NSS1 - Biodiversity
Ana Maria RIBEIRO DE SOUSA NSS3 - Land systems
Andrus MEINER NSS3 - Land systems
Annemarie BASTRUP-BIRK NSS3 - Land systems
Beate WERNER NSS1 - Biodiversity
Carlos DE OLIVEIRA ROMAO NSS1 - Biodiversity
Caroline WHALLEY NSS2 - Water and Marine
Charlotta COLLIANDER GOLDING NSS2 - Water and Marine
Charlotte ISLEV NSS - Natural systems and sustainability
Daniel DESAULTY NSS1 - Biodiversity
Doris MARQUARDT NSS3 - Land systems
Eleni TRYFON NSS1 - Biodiversity
Eva CARLSON NSS - Natural systems and sustainability
Eva ROYO GELABERT NSS2 - Water and Marine
Eva IVITS-WASSER NSS3 - Land systems
Frank Wugt LARSEN NSS1 - Biodiversity
Gorm DIGE NSS1 - Biodiversity
Irene DEL BARRIO ALVARELLOS NSS2 - Water and Marine
Jan-Erik PETERSEN NSS1 - Biodiversity
Joanna KARLSEN NSS1 - Biodiversity
Johnny REKER NSS2 - Water and Marine
Katarzyna BIALA NSS1 - Biodiversity
Markus ERHARD NSS1 - Biodiversity
Martina STOLÁRIKOVÁ NSS3 - Land systems
Mette LUND NSS1 - Biodiversity
Mustafa AYDIN NSS2 - Water and Marine
Nikolaj BOCK NSS2 - Water and Marine
Peter KRISTENSEN NSS2 - Water and Marine
Rainer Walter BARITZ NSS3 - Land systems
Ronan UHEL NSS - Natural systems and sustainability
Stéphane ISOARD NSS2 - Water and Marine
Tobias LANGANKE NSS3 - Land systems
Trine CHRISTIANSEN NSS2 - Water and Marine
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