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On behalf of the Copernicus programme, and given its role of responsible for the cross-cutting coordination of Copernicus' access to in-situ data, the EEA has entered into a partnership agreement with EuroGeographics, the independent organisation representing National mapping, land registry and cadastral agencies (NMCAs) across Europe, in order to improve the access to authoritative national datasets by the Copernicus Services.

This partnership establishes a framework of cooperation between EuroGeographics and its members and the EEA, with the main goal of increasing the access to authoritative national datasets within the Copernicus programme represented by EEA.

Aims and objectives

EuroGeographics is an independent international not-for-profit organisation representing Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities. On behalf of the Copernicus programme, and as responsible for the cross-cutting coordination of Copernicus Access to In Situ Data, the EEA signed in March 2017 a cooperation agreement in order to make more national geospatial datasets available for the benefit of Copernicus.  

In 2022, the EEA and EuroGeographics have renewed their partnership in order to improve the cooperation in the context of the Copernicus programme, covering all relevant Copernicus Services (Land, Emergency and Security) and increasing the number of in situ datasets made available for the generation of Copernicus products. These datasets are made available to the Copernicus Entrusted Entities and its providers via the Copernicus Reference Data Access Portal (CORDA), managed by the EEA. 

Background information

Agreement Partnership agreement between the EEA and EuroGeographics, and cooperation agreement between Copernicus represented by the EEA and EuroGeographics
Funding source Contribution agreement between the European Union, represented by the European Commission, and the EEA on the implementation of the Copernicus component of the space programme of the European Union. 
Timeframe 2017-2022, 2022-ongoing (renewed for period of 3 years until its termination by mutual consent of the parties)

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