EEA/COM/18/006 - Framework service contract for the provision of editing and proofreading services for the European Environment Agency (EEA)

Call For Tender expired Published 01 Dec 2018
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The EEA will use the cascade system to establish framework contracts with multiple economic operators for editing and proofreading services, in order to ensure that the Communications Programme of the EEA can manage a fluctuating workload in this area, while maintaining high quality outputs.

The future contractor will be required to offer editing and proofreading services in the English language. The texts to be edited may be for print and/or publication on the web.

For the purpose of this call for tender, editing functions are defined as follows:

 -                     Editing means improving the structure, clarity and readability of the text by redrafting or reordering text; removing repetition; querying ambiguities; and, where appropriate, suggesting the addition, deletion or restructuring of whole sections in order to convey the core message more effectively.

It also includes all the elements in proofreading (below):

 -                     Proofreading means checking spelling, grammar, syntax and correct usage of terminology; applying the EEA style guide and formatting rules; checking the accuracy and consistency of references throughout the text; and ensuring a consistent structure of chapters and sections.

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