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Highlight Not just dirt: the importance of soil — 05 Dec 2014
Soil is connected to almost all aspects of our lives, yet we often take it for granted. To mark the International Day of Soil on December 5, we interviewed several project managers at the European Environment Agency (EEA) about this precious resource.
Highlight Soil contamination widespread in Europe — 02 May 2014
There are an estimated 340 000 contaminated pieces of land in Europe, most of which are yet to be identified, according to a new Europe-wide assessment.
Highlight chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Soil protection critical for Europe's economy and ecosystems — 14 Feb 2012
Soil is one of the planet's invaluable resources but continues to be degraded in Europe. Together, the mineral particles, water, air, organic matter, and living organisms that constitute soil perform key functions which underpin our society.
Highlight Forest fires in Southern Europe destroy much more than trees — 28 Jul 2009
Forest fires in Spain, France, Italy and Greece burned more than 50 000 hectares in the last four days. The economic and environmental damage caused by such fires extends well beyond the affected areas. Damage to biodiversity and livelihoods may take decades to reverse.
Highlight chemical/x-pdb Landfilling down as Europe shifts to better waste management — 10 Jun 2009
The EEA report 'Diverting waste from landfill' finds that the EU Landfill Directive has been a positive force in altering management of biodegradable municipal waste in the EU. The study explains how setting medium- and long-term targets for reducing landfilling has helped countries to define waste strategies and target investments.
Press Release HTML Urgent action needed to protect Europe's damaged soils — 19 Dec 2000
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