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Europe - and the world - are facing many different environmental issues and challenges these days. Many of them do not fit nicely into neat categories — or, indeed, they fit into too many. Therefore information about topics like environmental impact of natural hazards (floods, volcanic activities, etc.), major industrial accidents, the release of genetically modified organisms, and more can be found below. More

Key facts and messages
Economic output is projected to treble between 2010 and 2050, although growth is expected to decelerate in many countries as they become more prosperous. Rapid economic growth has brought reductions in global poverty and increases in well-being... more
Driven by structural change, fast-growing workforces and trade liberalisation, developing regions are rapidly increasing their share of global economic output, trade and investment. more
For Europe, this rebalancing presents competitive threats but also economic opportunities in meeting the demand of a fast growing global middle class. The emergence of a larger and more diverse mixture of major economic powers may, however,... more
The limitations of gross domestic product (GDP) as a measure of human well-being and the sustainability of growth have prompted international efforts to identify better indicators of societal progress. more


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