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Land accounts for Europe 1990-2000

Towards integrated land and ecosystem accounting

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The changing faces of Europe's coastal areas

This report provides information on the state of the environment in the coastal areas of Europe, and provides evidence of the need for a more integrated, long-term approach. Since 1995, concern about the state of Europe's coastline has led to a number of EU initiatives, which build on the concept of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM). ICZM attempts to balance the needs of development with protection of the very resources that sustain coastal economies. It also takes into account the public's concern about the deteriorating environmental, socio-economic and cultural state of the European coastline.

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The thematic accuracy of Corine land cover 2000 - Assessment using LUCAS

Assessment using LUCAS (land use/cover area frame statistical survey)

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How much bioenergy can Europe produce without harming the environment?

The purpose of this report is to assess how much biomass could technically be available for energy production without increasing pressures on the environment. As such, it develops a number of environmental criteria for bioenergy production, which are then used as assumptions for modelling the primary potential. These criteria were developed on a European scale. Complementary assessments at more regional and local scale are recommended as a follow-up of this work.

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EEA Report 2/2006 - Integration of environment into EU agriculture policy - the IRENA indicator-based assessment report

This report aims to provide a fair reflection of the progress, the achievements and obstacles in the integration of environmental concerns into EU agriculture policy, based on indicators developed in the IRENA operation (see Section 1.3). It also tackles limitations to successful policy implementation at Member State level, and challenges ahead.

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Sustainable use and management of natural resources

This report was prepared in recognition of the importance of the sustainable use and management of natural resources on the policy agenda. Given the broad coverage of 'natural resources', it was decided to focus on a handful of natural resources: fisheries, forestry, water, fossil fuels, metals and construction minerals, and land use.

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Technical report No 89

EEA aims to provide those responsible for and interested in European policy on the environment with qualitative and quantitative data on land cover - data which is consistent and comparable across the continent.

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