Link EU's European Atlas of the Seas — 16 May 2011
The atlas is an easy and fun way for students, professionals and anyone interested to learn more about Europe's seas and coasts, their environment, related human activities and European policies. It includes 24 new maps, hundreds of updates and improvements. New maps include: Natura 2000 protected maritime sites, Pollution response vessels, Coastal GDP.
Link text/texmacs Census of Marine Life: Highlights of a Decade of Discovery — 08 Oct 2010
First Census of Marine Life 2010: Highlights of a Decade of Discovery is a 64-page report that describes some of the scientific highlights of ten years of exploration, research and analysis undertaken by Census of Marine Life scientists. Included is a description of the Census research projects and organizational structure.
Link Water Framework Directive guidance documents — 04 May 2007
Link EuroGOOS — 04 May 2007
Link Joint Research Centre (JRC) — 04 May 2007
Link Intenational Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) — 04 May 2007
Link Black Sea Environment Programme (BSEP) — 04 May 2007
Link UNEP/MAP — 04 May 2007
Link OSPAR Commission — 04 May 2007
Link Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) — 04 May 2007
Link Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme — 04 May 2007
Link The European Commission's DG-Environment: Integrated Coastal Zone Management — 04 May 2007
Link European Topic Centre on Water — 04 May 2007
Link Merentutkimuslaitos - Finnish Institute of Marine Research — 04 May 2007
Link The baltic sea environmental homepage — 04 May 2007
Link BALLERINA - Baltic Sea Region — 04 May 2007
Link Biogas Transfer in Estuaries (BIOGEST) — 04 May 2007
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