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About Irena

Lapa Pēdējās izmaiņas 16.11.2009 16:19
Indicator reporting on the integration of environmental concerns into agricultural policy

The IRENA operation

During each of its meetings, in Cardiff (June 1998), Vienna (December 1998) and Helsinki (December 1999), the European Council requested the Commission to report on the integration of environmental concerns into Community sectoral policies. As a contribution to meeting this requirement for the agricultural sector, it is necessary to develop indicators to monitor such integration, i.e. agri-environmental indicators (AEI). A set of indicators has been identified in a communication from the Commission to the Council and European Parliament (COM(2000) 20), and this set, and the statistics and other information needed to realise the indicators, is the subject of a further Commission communication (COM(2001) 144).

IRENA geographical coverage

IRENA geographical coverage

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